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Your iPhone 14 Is Now Much Easier To Repair Than Last Year’s Model

The iPhone is one of the most popular brands out there. Everyone wants one because of its functionality and innovative features. Apple is constantly trying to improve its products and make them easier to repair at third-party repair shops. This means that even when you have damage to your phone it can quickly be fixed.

The iPhone 14 is no different and takes many of the issues from the iPhone 13 and improves on them. Here are some of the ways that the iPhone 14 is much easier to repair than last year’s model.

Face ID

Apple’s face ID technology is one of the best out there. The problem is that doing repairs on the screen requires breaking it to successfully fix everything. The iPhone 13 was famous for these issues and Apple did release an update that made things easier. This helped but it didn’t address the main causes of these issues. Repair shops were continuing to break the face ID and this made it costly and difficult in repairing these phones.

The iPhone 14 screen repair doesn’t require damaging the face ID. It is easier to fix and we can keep everything functional without worrying about other possible damages. This means that we can change out the screen and fix everything quickly.

Our iPhone screen repair in the Bridgewater Mall is performed in less than an hour. You can do other things in the mall while we will make all of the changes so your iPhone 14 works like new.

The Back Glass

The back glass on the iPhone 14 is much easier to repair. In previous models, the glass required considerable time and effort to switch everything out. We had to remove different parts of the iPhone to get to the back glass. Many times, everything inside the housing of the phone had to be removed. This added to the time and costs of repairing.

Apple is making things much easier on the iPhone 14. We can remove the back glass and change everything out in less than 45 minutes. This means that you are not without your phone for very long and the repair costs are lower.

We are the best place in the Bridgewater Mall for iPhone screen repair. We offer free quotes and you get a six-month warranty with any of our repairs.

The Self-Service Feature

Apple is in the process of rolling out a self-service feature. This will diagnose any issues with your iPhone and let you know what we can do. The new service is designed to make fixing your phone faster and more cost-effective.

Putting It All Together

These are some of the ways that make the iPhone 14 easier to repair than last year’s model. Apple is focusing on simplifying things and the new phone is showing its commitment to making repairs easy.

Contact us today at 908-722-2271 if you are having issues or need phone screen repairs in NJ. Our team of experts has 18 years of experience working on different phones. We use new parts and will give you the highest quality service.