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Why You Want to Consider Getting a Smartphone Repair in Bridgewater versus Buying a New One

Your smartphone is something you cannot live without, and it is a way of showcasing your personality and style. We all want to get the newest and most state-of-the-art models to feel important.

The effects are that you will throw away your old phone when you get a new one. Every year, Americans throw away from 100 to 120 million smartphones.

The biggest reasons are that the phone is broken or they are searching for the latest and newest models.

The best approach is to have your smartphone repaired to extend its useful life and get the most out of the device. We look at why you should get your smartphone repaired versus buying a new one when you have issues with it.

You are Saving Money

Buying a new smartphone can be expensive, especially if you think about the newer models.

For example, the average cost of a new iPhone is $873, and even when you are getting a deal, there will be payments. These payments are spread out over time and you don’t realize that you are paying such high prices for the phone.

Repairing your current smartphone saves you money, and you get more out of its useful life. Your camera might not be as new or hold as many pictures, but you can still perform all the functions and applications.

The money you save keeps your cell phone bill down and allows you to use these funds elsewhere. You might not have the newest phone, but your device lasts longer, and you are getting more out of it.

Street Talk is the number one place for getting a smartphone repair in Bridgewater. We have been in business since 2004 and work on thousands of smartphones every year. We will save you money, get your smartphone working like new, and extend it’s useful life.  No one knows more about smartphones than our experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

Protecting the Environment

Repairing your smartphone protects the environment and prevents the buildup of excess trash. Earlier, we discussed how many smartphones Americans throw away every year from getting a new device.

Most consumers look for the latest and greatest with all the bells and whistles. However, you can repair your smartphone and do your part by not contributing to the waste from discarding it.

You can use your phone even more and decrease the odds of contributing to the buildup of extra waste from the phone.

We recommend getting your smartphone fixed before buying a new one to do your part in reducing the environmental impact.

Street Talk is the premier place for smartphone repair in Bridgewater, and we offer free quotes. You can come in, get an estimate on the costs, and make a more intelligent decision about what to do.

Extend the Useful Life

Let’s face the facts, the more you use your smartphone over a period of time, the higher the odds of needing repairs. None of this is an issue, but you can extend the phone’s useful life by changing out those parts that are not working correctly.

Your phone will run like new, and you can use your phone for many years to come without buying a new one.

We recommend the repair option to get more out of your device and extend the phone’s useful life.

Street Talk uses high-quality parts on all of our repairs, and we offer a six-month warranty on the service. We can get your phone running like new and extend your phone’s useful life. Our wait times range from 15 to 30 minutes, and we will have you out the door with your device running like new.

Support Local Businesses

Anytime you buy a new smartphone, you are supporting national chains with their headquarters in other states and countries. The money you spend leaves the area and helps these entities maximize their profit margins.

Repairing your smartphone is one way you help to support local businesses and create jobs. The technicians and personnel are from the area, and the money you spend stays in the region.

Street Talk has two locations in the Bridgewater Commons, and using our services keeps the mall open for you to enjoy. We are a part of the community, and our staff lives within the area near our two locations.

We are the Best at Smartphone Repair

These are some of the reasons why you want to get your smartphone repaired. Call Street Talk today at 908-650-8923 and let us help you to get your phone working like new. We are the best at phone repair in Bridgewater and are located near Lululemon and Hollister in the Bridgewater Commons.