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Why Should You Get a Cracked Phone Screen Repaired?

These days smartphones come with an expensive yet fragile glass screen.


It is easy to get a crack on these sensitive screens if you’re not careful while using them. If you’re unlucky, you may get a spiderweb of cracked glass when you accidentally drop your Google Pixel. Even though Google has only recently entered the smartphone market, their phones show a lot of promise, especially because of their state-of-the-art camera module. 


However, like every other phone, Google has opted for a glass display (sapphire, anyone?) which can easily break. So if you’re ignoring a Google Pixel repair, here’s why you shouldn’t.  


What Should You Do When You Have a Crack On Your Phone Screen?

Cracks on smartphone screens are common. With the advancements in smartphone technology, companies don’t often realize that phone screens are getting more fragile because of the excess weight attached to them. Although phones these days look sleek and elegant with a glass display, it’s perhaps time the smartphone world made the switch towards sapphire. 


That said, accidents can happen. But when they do, it’s imperative to do the right thing. The first thing that you must do is analyze the damage. You can place your phone on a solid surface under sufficient light. This will help you examine the screen and tell you if it will fall off or be workable until you get it fixed. 


Most of us make the following mistake: we immediately put a cracked phone into our pockets. Don’t do that! 


It damages your phone’s screen even further! 


Whether your phone screen is about to fall or you think it may work, you must not use your phone for more than a day with a screen protector. Here’s why:


Using A Cracked Phone Screen Could Lead to More Damage

No matter how expensive your smartphone is, if the screen has a crack on it, you must get it fixed immediately. If you don’t, it may lead to further damage.  The display is situated on the frontal side of the phone; that is also why it’s your phone’s first line of defense. External moisture and dust can go into your phone’s internal components if this line of defense is cracked. 


Hence, as soon as you get a crack on your phone’s display, the touch input layer present underneath the glass will begin to malfunction. This means you have little time before your phone stops recognizing your touches. 


Moreover, your phone’s internal components are fragile. Exposure to the external environment may damage them because liquid spills and humidity can be a serious threat (your phone has delicate parts like SSDs, circuit boards, batteries, and RAM chips).  A short circuit can destroy these parts if you don’t handle them carefully.  


It Gives an Unprofessional Impression

Imagine having a dented car. Would you feel comfortable taking it to corporate dinner? A cracked phone leaves the same impression. While we may find it hard to accept, the objects we own tell people a lot about us. A cracked screen may make other people feel that you’re careless. This won’t work wonders for your professional reputation. 


This is also why you need to get a cracked screen fixed ASAP. 


Using A Cracked Phone Screen May Decrease the Usability of Your Phone

Have you ever used a phone with a  cracked screen? If you have, you may have noticed that the phone is hard to use. 


That’s because if you’re trying to use a phone with a cracked screen, you’re partially destroying its internal components even further. Hence, the usability of the phone may decrease, resulting in malfunctions and a processing delay. 


It May Decrease the Resale Value of Your Device

Lastly, a cracked phone screen will decrease the resale value of your phone. You may have purchased your smartphone for a certain price (or if you’re lucky, it could’ve been a gift), but if you try to sell it with a cracked screen, you may not get a good price. Instead, if you get it fixed at the right time, you may save your phone from further damage, and it may not devalue your phone.



A cracked display can do extensive damage to your Google Pixel. Before you know it, you’ll soon lose touch functionality which will render your phone useless. If you want to continue using the beautiful image processing system that the Pixel offers, get a Google Pixel repair today from Street Talk Phone Repair! 

They’ve been doing this for a decade, and we can assure you, they won’t disappoint.

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