Which Phone do You Choose LG or Samsung?

Cell phones are must-have items and we can’t live without them. According to Pew Research, 97% of Americans own a cell phone. These devices have become part of our lives and keep us connected.

Choosing the best ones can be complicated with manufacturers offering low prices, deals, and new features. LG and Samsung have been battling each other for years to attract the largest demographic of consumers. Here are some things you want to think about when looking at both manufacturers.

The Costs

LG offers many of the same features like any smartphone. The biggest difference is LG’s phones cost less and the company is targeting low-end consumers. Those consumers that are price sensitive will choose LG as their brand of choice. They get the functionality, look, and feel of Samsung for less money. 

Samsung has more models and features on their phones. The challenge is the costs of buying these phones can cost you several hundred to upwards of $1 thousand. Samsung focuses on those consumers that can spend more on the phone and wants something that is competitive with the i Phone. 

We recommend thinking about if costs matter the most and the functionality you want in these phones. 

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Samsung’s phones have various features that give you more for your money including the camera, design, display, and battery. 

The camera gives you clear and high-resolution pictures of anything you want to capture day or night. 

Samsung’s phones have a sleek design and sharp displays that give you clear images and are customizable. The screen is shatterproof and can withstand dropping it to the ground. 

Samsung has been working aggressively to extend the useful life of the battery. Your battery lasts longer and you don’t need to replace it as frequently. 

LG phones are of good quality but don’t have the same kinds of features as the Samsung models. 

We recommend thinking about what matters the most to you when choosing a smartphone. This helps you to decide on those options that meet your preferences.

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