Tips on Maintaining an iPhone

The iPhone is a popular device that gives you all of the features, applications, and functionality. There are 113 million iPhone users nationwide and maintaining these phones is critical to increasing the useful life.

Here are some tips you can use to maintain your iPhone and avoid downtime for repairs.

Update Your Phone with the Current System Software

From time to time, Apple will upgrade the iOS operating software for bugs, security issues, and to increase performance. 

You want to always update the phone’s software to ensure you maintain the functionality of the device. 

We recommend doing this as soon as updates are available to prevent any issues in the future. 

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Restart Your Phone

We all experience times when our i Phones feel slow and are not moving as fast as it once did. Situations like this mean that you could have a software glitch that is slowing down the device. Even when you upgrade your i Phone with the latest software situations like this will occur. 

The best way to do this is to restart your phone. You want to go to the Settings tab. Click on the General button and tap the Shutdown feature. 

Once the phone is completely off you want to wait at least ten seconds before rebooting it. 

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Disable the Location for Unnecessary Applications

When you allow all of your applications to have access to your iPhone’s location it puts strain on the battery. This shortens the battery’s useful life and makes it hard for the phone to hold a charge.

The best way to do this is to go to the Setting tab. Click on Privacy and Location Services. You want to tap on the application and choose Never to stop the phone from updating the location.

We recommend doing this to improve the functionality and the battery life.

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