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The Top 7 Reasons to Switch from an Android to an iPhone

The iPhone is becoming a must-have device. More consumers are switching to an iPhone compared with upgrading to another Android. Here are the top 7 reasons why people are changing to iPhones.


97% of all malware programs are targeting Android phones. This software tracks what you do to steal vital information such as user names and passwords. Many times Android users will pick up a virus by going to the app store.

The iPhone has stronger security procedures and this means that fewer malware programs are targeted at these devices. Apple verifies the credentials of developers and makes sure that there are no viruses on the apps.

Apple also releases new software updates that are designed to prevent security breaches. This protects your information on the phone. You won’t get this added security with an Android.

A Range of Products and Parts

Apple sells many different parts and products for iPhone repairs in Bridgewater. If something breaks, we can easily get these parts and have everything fixed in about an hour. Our team knows what to do to troubleshoot and take care of everything.

Android phones could require ordering the part and waiting for it to arrive. This means that you have your phone less in these situations.


Apple phones are user-friendly. All of the apps are launched from the home screen in the menu. If you upgrade the phone, the operating system works the same as your old one.

Android phones require getting used to the changes in the operating system. Some of the apps are on other screens besides the home page.

You Get the Apps First

Developers favor working with Apple. The majority of apps on Apple’s App Store are big-time events. People are waiting to get these apps first and improve the functionality of their iPhones.

Android phones might not get anything released or they could be delayed. You get better quality with those apps on Apple’s App Store.

Simplified Payments

Apple makes paying for things on your iPhone easy. You place the phone by the card reader to process everything. Your information is secured by facial recognition, a touch ID, and an internal pass code.


The iPhone allows you to share and monitor the activities of everyone in the family.  This feature allows for up to six people to share their purchases, music, films, photos, calendars, and reminders. This is something you don’t get with an Android.

iPhones Hold their Value Longer

When someone upgrades their iPhone, they will sell their old one that is still functional. You get more money to buy these phones. The phone repair in Bridgewater is simplified and you can buy a refurbished model.

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These are some of the benefits you receive from switching your iPhone to an Android. Contact Street Talk today and see why we are the cell phone repair experts in Bridgewater.

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