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The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Freezes

When your smartphone freezes, it can be quite frustrating, but this common problem affects 30% of all smartphones at some point. There are various things that cause your phone to freeze, and sometimes you will be able to resolve them yourself, and other times you may need phone repair.

Here are the top five reasons why your smartphone freezes:


The Memory is Filling Up

We all use our smartphones for downloading videos, and photos, and watching movies. This takes up a lot of space and it will cause your phone to slow down and freeze. Your device’s ability to search for information becomes more difficult with the lack of space. This causes it to move slower than it normally should and eventually freeze. 

Street Talk recommends coming in for smartphone repair when this happens. You will work with a skilled technician that will clean up the memory and move those files you are not using to a flash drive. This frees up space and it lets you have everything you need from your phone. 

Lots of Unnecessary Applications are Running on Your Smartphone

The smartphones of today make it easy to transfer applications we don’t want or use. Many of these applications install a source code that will run on your phone without you knowing. WhatsApp will send APK files in a document form to change the extension and how it runs on your phone. These apps will cause your phone to freeze. 

Your Smartphone Has Too Many Programs Running at the Same Time

Running too many programs at the same time will slow down the performance of your smartphone and cause it to freeze. The device is occupied and has no way to run all of the apps at once effectively. This causes an overload and the phone freezes.

Outdated Software

Now and then your smartphone will need an update from the manufacturer. This is to fix any bugs in the old version and improve the performance of your operating system. Not updating your software will cause the phone to slow down and freeze. We recommend always doing software updates to keep your phone working well. 

Old Hardware

An older phone has a higher chance of freezing. The operating system is becoming old and no longer supported by the manufacturer. Your phone is vulnerable to bugs and malware that can be uploaded from the lack of security patches. This slows down your phone and makes it difficult for the memory to work smoothly which causes it to freeze. 

We recommend bringing in the device for phone repair to address these issues. A skilled technician can diagnose the problem and will get your phone working great in no time. 

Get Phone Repair When You Need It

These are the top five reasons why your smartphone freezes. Many times not doing the proper android phone care such as not completing the software updates add to your issues. If you are still having issues,  please come visit the phone repair experts at Street Talk in the Bridgewater Mall.