Technician repairing broken smartphone on desk

The 7 Most Common Reasons For Cell Phone Repair

Our cell phone is the most essential item in our lives today. More people are staying connected using their smartphones than at any other time.  We use our devices for work, entertainment, and making purchases. This is changing how we go about our daily lives and the tools we use. 

However, cell phones can be easily damaged and require maintenance to get the best results from your device. This requires avoiding those areas that could cause damage. Here are the seven most common reasons for cell phone repair in NJ

  • Cracked screens: Cracked screens are one of the most common reasons for needing phone repair. It can be from accidentally hitting the surface, dropping the phone, or placing it in a tight bag or pocket. This affects the phone’s functionality and appearance. 
  • Battery problems: Batteries are another common reason you will need phone repair. These include things such as a phone that won’t charge, a fast-draining battery, or it can’t hold a charge long. Over time your battery will wear out and this will require replacing it. 
  • Water damage: Water damage is common in the summer months when you are at the beach or lake and it is exposed to high moisture and humidity. This will cause your screen to malfunction, the corrosion of internal components, and battery issues. 
  • The charging port: Your charging port can cause your phone to charge slowly or not properly. Sometimes, the charging port will become loose or break off and require replacement. 
  • Software problems: Software issues will cause your phone to crash, freeze, or become unresponsive. This can be from malware, outdated software, or viruses. Most of these issues are fixed by resetting the phone or updating the software. 
  • Camera issues: Cameras are another problem for Android users. These include scratched/cracked lenses or issues with the camera’s software. In some situations, your camera might not work. 
  • Microphone and speaker issues: Microphone and speaker issues happen when there is damage to one or both of these or from the software. This causes your phone to sound distorted or not produce any sounds. Things can be so bad that the microphone might not be working and you can’t communicate on the phone.  

These are the seven most common reasons for needing phone repair. You want to avoid these issues by doing the proper Android phone care to ensure everything is working properly. This will keep your phone working great. 

Repairs are Never Fun

Smartphone repairs are never fun and you need someone on your side that knows what they are doing. Street Talk has years of experience and knowledge from working on many different makes and models of smartphones. 

Our team of professionals will give you a free evaluation and will let you know how long it takes to complete everything. We will have most jobs completed in less than an hour while you are shopping in the Bridgewater Mall. Contact us today to get your free quote and to fix these issues with your phone.