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The 5 Most Common Reasons Why Your Android Phone Battery Drains Out Quickly

The performance and useful life of an Android phone battery are getting better with each new generation of smartphones. This gives you more functionality and a battery that lasts longer, however,  nothing lasts forever.  Over time,  your Android phone battery will not hold its charge for a long time and may get worse with the charge only lasting a quarter of the time versus when it was new. If you find your Android phone battery is draining quickly, perhaps these tips can help, and if not, seeking phone repair may be in order.

Here are the five most common reasons why your Android phone battery is draining so quickly:


The Screen is too Bright

A bright screen will quickly drain your battery of power. Extra energy is needed to power the screen for long periods at brighter levels. This causes your battery to not hold a charge for as long. We recommend turning down the brightness on your phone to conserve energy and prevent excess power usage on the battery. 

The Android Phone Battery is at the End of Its Useful Life

The average useful life for any battery is two years. The longer you have your battery the less it will hold a charge for a long time. We recommend getting a smartphone repair on your battery when you are reaching the two-year mark. A skilled technician can remove and change your battery is less than 30 minutes. 

Lots of times you need special tools to open the phone to get to the battery. This requires the skills of an expert in phone repair in the Bridgewater Mall. We will replace your battery quickly while you wait. 

Too Many Apps are Running

This is one of the most common reasons why phone batteries die. You can easily be running multiple apps on your phone at one time and don’t realize it. This causes your battery to run down and lose its power. The best thing to do is close all of those apps that you are not using immediately. 

The Smartphone is in Extreme Temperatures

This happens during the warmer months of the year or when you set your phone in the sun. The excess heat causes the battery to lower power faster and it will not hold a charge as long. We recommend keeping the device away from extreme heat and the sun as a part of your android phone care. This will extend its useful life and enhance your smartphone’s protection. 

Get Android Phone Battery Repair Fast

These are the five most common reasons why your android phone battery is draining so quickly. Street Talk recommends getting help if you feel the useful life of your battery is coming to an end. A skilled technician at our two locations in the Bridgewater Mall can replace your battery in under 30 minutes and have your phone running great.