The 11 Most Common Reasons for Cell Phone Repair

Your cell phone is something that you can’t live without. It is necessary to stay connected and effectively communicate with others. Anytime there is damage is when you will need cell phone repair. Here are the 11 most common reasons for cell phone repair in NJ.

A Broken Screen

Your screen is shatterproof but can become damaged in numerous situations including

  • Accidentally dropping the phone
  • Sitting on the phone when it is in your back pocket
  • It is scratched from sharp metal inside your pocket such as keys

Broken screens are one of the most common issues we encounter when it comes to cell phone repair in NJ.

Charging Port Issues

Sometimes, your phone will have trouble charging or the port can be damaged. This is usually from dust, debris, corrosion, or hardware damage.

Water Damage

Water can cause significant damage to your cell phone. If it gets into the interior, you could have a damaged motherboard or SIM card.

The Battery Runs Down Fast

Situations like this are when you need to let us see what is wrong. It could be something like you have apps that are draining the power. It might also be that your battery needs to be replaced because it is getting old.

The Speaker Doesn’t Work

The speaker not working could be from your phone staying in headphone mode. You want to let us see what is going on so we can diagnose the problem.

The Phone Hangs Up or Freezes

Situations like this are from malware that is installed on your phone. We will more than likely have to remove the malware to get everything working like normal again.


When your phone overheats the problem is from a software glitch or a malfunction in the battery, screen, or CPU.

Internet Connection Problems

If your phone is having trouble connecting to the Internet it is from the wrong setting or a temporary network error.

The Buttons Don’t Work

Issues with the buttons are from a glitch in the software or application. These issues could be impacting the functionality of your phone’s soft keys.

The App Crashes

This problem is from a bug in the application or the updated version is not compatible with your operating system.

The Camera or Flashlight doesn’t Work

These issues are from your phone not having enough power, the flash is off, or the flash overheated, and stopped working. These problems are easy to fix and require the knowledge of the experts in cell phone repair for Bridgewater, NJ.

We can Help!

These are the 11 most common reasons for cell phone repair. Contact Street Talk today and let us help you with these challenges. We offer free quotes and can fix your problem in under 45 minutes. We have two convenient locations inside the Bridgewater Mall to serve you.

Contact us today and see how we can help you to fix any one of these issues. Our team is the best in the business and we know what to do to get your cell phone working again. We offer a six-month warranty on all of the work we do for you.