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Is It Time To Repair Or Replace Your Phone?

Most people don’t keep their smartphones for more than two years. Considering that and the steep price of phones, it’s no surprise that some people opt out of insurance. When the unfortunate happens and your phone breaks, there’s no time to regret not getting insurance. It’s time to figure out whether to repair or replace. If you choose to repair, contact Street Talk Phone Repair for the best phone repair in Bridgewater NJ. Before you get to that decision, here are some factors to consider.

How Much Will It Cost To Repair?

The first thing people ask themselves is whether it will cost less to replace their phone. When making this decision, the first thing to consider is the value of your phone. You can find websites that will tell you the value of your phone after you have submitted some basic information. Next, you want to figure out the cost of getting the phone repaired. Of course, if the repair costs more than the phone is worth, you should think about buying a new one. However, if you recently purchased a new Apple smartphone that cost $570 and repairs cost $150, repairing is the way to go.

How Old Is Your Phone?

Phones that are older than three years should not be repaired. Even if this is the first time you have had to repair your phone, and you are certain it’s in good condition, companies design the software to lose efficiency after three years. As a result, you may spend hundreds to get it repaired only to experience glitch after glitch in a couple of months.

If you have a phone that’s in good condition and it’s two years old, consider the value and compare that to the cost of repairs.

If your phone is less than a year old, it’s generally a good decision to get it replaced. The only exception is if you have already repaired it multiple times because the chances of your phone getting damaged increases whenever it’s opened.

Can You Sell It For Parts?

Manufacturers make things difficult because they don’t make spare parts available. As a result, parts are hard to come by. One aspect of our work is securing high-quality parts to repair your smartphone, whether you have an iPhone or Android – so, you can trust we know what we’re talking about.

If we are unable to repair your phone, but the cost to replace it is too high, you may consider selling it to see how much you can get for your broken phone. That money can go towards buying a refurbished phone.

Do You Want An Upgrade?

Another thing to consider before you repair your phone is if you are eligible for a discounted upgrade with your carrier. When your phone breaks, it creates a good opportunity to take advantage of an upgrade. Everybody loves new phone features and designs, after all. If you aren’t eligible and your phone can be repaired, it is recommended that you repair it.  

How Long Will It Take To Repair?

Some people can’t go long without having their phone, as they rely on it for work. If your phone will take days to repair and you need it faster than that, you may need a replacement. Fortunately, when you bring your phone to Street Talk Phone Repair, you won’t have that problem. For example, we can complete your phone screen repair in Bridgewater NJ  in just 20 minutes! With our speedy repair services, you can get back to life and not worry about a broken phone.

Visit Street Talk Phone Repair

Our team stocks a large variety of cell phone repair parts in our store because we know phone repairs are usually emergencies. We also provide prompt, efficient service. You don’t have to wait days for us to repair your smartphone – in most cases, you don’t even have to wait hours. So, when you need a phone repair in Bridgewater NJ, contact Street Talk Phone Repair. Call 908-722-2271 for your repair.