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How to Test Your Samsung Screen

Whether you bought a brand new Samsung smartphone, tablet or use an old one, it is always best to know that the screen is working in top condition. This is simply because a tablet’s or phone’s screen is its most crucial interactive aspect, which you engage with all the time.

For any task you want to do with your device, chances are you will need to use its screen to accomplish it. Moreover, Samsung smartphones have some of the best screens in the market, which is why it is a good idea to check its functionality from time to time and ensure you are getting the whole premium experience.

This test can be performed on new and old Samsung phones, especially if you suspect something is wrong.

Of course, to test or fix the Samsung screen, Bridgewater residents’ best option is to go to a professional like Street Talk. However, before you make the trip, you should run a simple diagnostic test built into every Samsung smartphone.

Let’s discuss how you can test your Samsung screen by running this simple diagnostic test.

How to Test Your Samsung Screen

The following steps will guide you on how to run a diagnostic test on your Samsung screens and tell you whether you need to go to a professional to fix a Samsung screen that has something wrong with it.

However, you should note that some carriers, notably Sprint and Verizon, are known to block this simple diagnostic test on their Samsung devices. Newer phones may still be able to run it. Still, unless your phone is unlocked, there is no guarantee whether you will be able to run this test or not.

Regardless, most Samsung phones will run it, and you should give it a try.

  • Step 1

Open your Samsung smartphone’s dialer app and navigate to the dial pad. Then type *#0*#, and your Samsung smartphone will automatically redirect you to a built-in diagnostic mode. If nothing happens, you will know that this feature is disabled on your Samsung device.

If it works, you will see a white screen with white buttons and black text. From the top, the buttons will read “Red,” “Green,” “Blue,” “Receiver,” “Vibration,” and so on. These are all various hardware diagnostic tests.

You won’t have to run all the tests to know whether you need a professional to fix Samsung screens. 

  • Step 2

Start by clicking the first button titled “Red.” This will automatically turn your entire screen red. Then, tap on the screen, and you will go back to the main diagnostic page. Do the same for “Green” and “Blue” to check whether the entire screen (except punch hole or notch) is a uniform color or not.

This test determines that all the tiny pixels of your Samsung screen display the full spectrum of colors they are supposed to.

  • Step 3

If it’s there, tap on “Dimming,” and you will see a gradient red, green, and blue screen. This screen will alternate between dimming and brightening whenever you tap on it and test the dimming capabilities of your Samsung screen. To go back to the main diagnostic page, press the volume up button.

  • Step 4

Next, you want to run a touch test to ensure no “dead zones” and that your touchscreen is working fine. Select “Touch,” and it will show you a white screen with tiny boxes around the border of your screen and forming an “X” from corner to corner.

These are touchpoints. Trace the tiny boxes on the screen with your finger until every box turns green. Once complete, you’ll automatically be taken back to the main diagnostic page. If any box doesn’t turn green by touching, there is something wrong with the touch sensors of your Samsung screen.

  • Step 5

To exit from the diagnostic test mode or screen, tap the back button twice or “swipe back” twice if your preference hides the back button.


This simple diagnostic test will help determine that the screens on your Samsung devices are functional. The other tests are there for the rest of the hardware on your Samsung device. You can also test them out if you like.

Remember that not all tests will be available to all Samsung smartphones and tablets; the tests’ availability depends on the hardware inside.

If you experience a failed test or think something is wrong with your screen outside of these tests, visit Street Talk to fix Samsung screens. Bridgewater residents should benefit from Street Talk’s high-quality service since they are professionals with experience who can run more in-depth tests. The experts at Street Talk will work on your Samsung screen and bring it up to the excellent standard Samsung devices are known for.

If you want to learn more about how to test your Samsung screen or about the best fix for Samsung screens in Bridgewater, please visit our website today.