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How To Resolve Common Android Phone Issues

Androids are the world’s most popular phones that are known for customized features and versatility. These factors are what make it one of the most in-demand phones. The challenge is Android phone issues are quite common and sometimes you will be able to resolve them on your own and other times you may need phone repair.

Here are the most common Android phone issues users face and the best ways to resolve them:


Slow performance

Your device will slow down over time from installing more apps and storing larger amounts of data. This will slow down your phone’s capacity to perform the most essential functions. You will notice that it takes longer to do everything. 

Situations such as this require clearing the cache, removing redundant files, and uninstalling any unnecessary apps. Another option is to do a factory reset or try restarting the device if this continues. 

You can come into our two Street Talk locations for a free phone repair diagnosis by a trained technician. They will address these Android phone issues if you are not very tech-savvy. We understand the challenges you are facing and are here to help. 

The Battery is Draining Fast

This is one of the most common Android phone issues we see among Android phone users. You have lots of options to slow down the battery drain including 

  • Enabling the battery-saver mode
  • Reducing the brightness of your screen
  • Turning off any unnecessary features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not  in use
  • Try uninstalling apps that consume a lot of the phone’s power

These are some things you can do as a part of your Android phone care. The best approach is to try out these options and if this doesn’t work have a technician look at your phone. We can give you ideas that will reduce the drain on your battery. 

App Crashes

Your apps will freeze or crash while you are using them. This is frustrating for anyone that is in the middle of doing something. The best way to resolve these issues is to

  • Force the app to close
  • Clear the phone’s cache and data
  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling it on the device

If the problem continues, we recommend coming in at letting our technicians diagnose the problem. We offer free quotes and will give you practical advice you can use. 

Security Concerns

Android devices are vulnerable to malware installed on different apps and hacking attempts. We recommend installing an antivirus app, enabling the device’s security features, and don’t download apps from untrusted sources. 

Get Fast Help With Your Android Phone Issues

These are the common Android phone issues we see the most at Street Talk. We recommend coming into one of our two phone repair locations in the Bridgewater Mall and letting a technician do a smartphone repair analysis if these solutions don’t work. The problem could be something with the internal components in these situations. We will diagnose and fix these issues so your phone works great. Our team of dedicated professionals is knowledgeable, and experienced, and can fix most issues in less than an hour.