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How to Repair Google Pixel Screen at Home

Repairing a phone’s screen at home is not the best idea. You can end up damaging your phone and might have to spend more money than you initially save. However, if you believe you can and want to attempt it, you can repair it by following the step-by-step process below. 

Disclaimer: please note that we do not take responsibility for any damages that may occur to your phone should you follow this procedure. This is purely an informational post.

Tools Required for the Google Pixel Repair

You will need the following things for the process:

  • Sim card ejection tool
  • Hairdryer
  • Precision knife set
  • Playing card set
  • Professional T5 Torx screwdriver
  • Fine tip curved tweezers
  • Premium 2mm red adhesive tape

Keep all the tools on the table where you want to attempt fixing your phone, so you can easily reach them when needed. Once everything is ready, put on some clean gloves on your hands before you begin.

Step 1: Backup Your Data

Saving your data is essential before repair. Since you’ve chosen to repair your phone at home, the need to back up data is even greater. In case things go wrong, your data will stay safe. 

Step 2: Power Off You Google Pixel

You can save your phone from further damage by switching it off before repairing it. A switched-on phone will continue receiving notifications. When you’re removing the screen, you may accidentally press the screen and initiate an accidental response. Switching off your phone will free up your screen to be repaired easily too. 

Step 3: Eject Sim Card

You cannot proceed with the Google Pixel repair process without ejecting the sim card from your phone. If you are worried about missing out on important calls or messages, you can insert your sim card in an old or spare phone. This way, you can peacefully switch off your Google Pixel without missing out on any notifications. 

Step 4: Apply Heat Around the Screen Edges

The AMOLED screen on Google Pixel is fixed through high-quality hot glue. If you try to take off the screen without softening this glue, the screen might break. Take a hairdryer and switch it on. Keep it at the lowest setting and apply heat all around the edges of the screen for at least a minute or two to soften the glue. 

Step 5: Lift the screen

Once the glue is softened, use the precision knife to lift the screen from the top or bottom. Insert a playing card from its corner in the gap created by the precision knife. The playing card will cut through the thin layer of the adhesive. You can move the card around the edges to remove glue from all sides. Carefully lift the screen as you may find a thin ribbon attached to the screen. You don’t want to damage this ribbon. 

Step 6: Remove the T5 Screws

You will see the ribbon attached to a small metal bar. On the sides of this bar, you will find two T5 screws. Use your T5Torx screwdriver and tweezers to lift the loosened screws. Once you remove the screws from their opening, you will be able to lift the metal bar and the attached ribbon.

After this step, the damaged screen should come right off your Google Pixel. You have completed half the process of Google Pixel repair. For the remaining half, follow the same steps in reverse with the replacement screen. 

Step 7: Insert New Screen

Remove the protective coverings from the replacement screen and screw its metal bar with the T5 screws. Carefully place the screen over the phone’s body. The screen for Google Pixel is a tight fit over its body. You can replicate the same, fitting the screen from one side and then the other. Apply light pressure with your fingers to the edges of the screen to ensure it is placed correctly. At this stage, you can apply the red tape around the edges where there are no buttons. 

Step 8: Insert Sim Card

You can now insert your sim card into your Google Pixel smartphone and switch on your phone.

Bonus Tip

If, at any point during the above process, you find yourself unable or incapable to follow through with the process, take your phone to a professional repair shop. A smartphone repair shop like Street Talk can efficiently and quickly repair your Google Pixel smartphone.