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5 Tips on How to prevent your iPhone From Being Damaged

According to statistical findings, there are more than 1 billion iPhone users as of recently, and the number is continuously on the rise. So there is no doubt that almost everyone nowadays has an iPhone. However, just like any other valuable commodity of the fast-fashion world, iPhones need to be kept safe and damage-free despite anyone using them as a regular smartphone. 

We all know Apple comes out with a new iPhone every year. Yet, still, there is almost no significant change in the valuation of the previous ones until the models are 3 to 5 years down. So naturally, while you hold on to your iPhone – probably reading this blog on one – it is essential to keep it safe and damage-free. Not only for the longevity of the device until it is under your usage but also to get better value once you decide to sell it off. 

So to help you avoid a probable phone repair, we have compiled a list of top five tips that will help in damage prevention of your iPhone. 

Let’s have a look, shall we? 

  1. A Screen Protector Is a Must 

This one goes without saying, but a screen protector is essential, especially for iPhones. It is an ongoing joke amongst netizens that there isn’t any iPhone user who hasn’t cracked their iPhone screen, and no wonder it rings true because it is.  

One of the very first things that go down when an iPhone literally goes down is its screen. So no matter how much an extra layer of acrylic is annoying you and compromising the aesthetic of your iPhone, get an external screen protector to keep the iPhone safe from a potential phone repair. 

2. Invest In a Good Quality Phone Case 

We have established that many people don’t like external screen protectors because it compromises the aesthetic of their iPhone. For some reason, many people aren’t big fans of phone cases either.  

However, this is very ironic in this situation because if your iPhone breaks, it will severely compromise both the aesthetic and the value of the iPhone compared to the phone case compromising its looks. Moreover, there are so many brands that sell dedicated iPhone protective cases that you can easily customize as per your liking – that enhance the aesthetic of your iPhone then make it vulnerable to damage. 

3. Dedicate a Pocket to Your iPhone 

Many people place their iPhones in their trouser pockets or purse pockets. However, they don’t realize that there are other things placed in the pocket as well. For instance, change, keys, wallet, etc. – all the things that are potentially damaging for your iPhone. Keys and copper coins have a sharp edge that can harm the iPhone’s body. Moreover, the metal can mess with the iPhone’s internal battery and magnetic domains.  

On the other hand, placing your iPhone with the wallet can crush the iPhone against it. Hence, it is best to have a dedicated trouser pocket or purse pocket for your iPhone where you place nothing but that. 

4. Avoid Extreme Weather Conditions 

Extreme weather conditions like snow, heat, and rain are the biggest damaging factor for iPhones or any other phone for that matter. Smartphones might be water-resistant, but they aren’t completely waterproof.  

This means that consistent exposure to extreme weather conditions like snow or rain can easily make it susceptible to long-term internal and external damage. Moreover, extreme heat can melt the internal parts and batteries. Therefore, the best way is to keep your iPhone at home or indoors in a temperature-controlled environment when experiencing an extreme weather change. 

5. An Attentive Firm Grip Goes a Long Way 

We all can be a little clumsy sometimes. However, an attentive, firm grip goes a long way. So instead of absent-mindedly using your iPhone or carrying it with you, pay attention to keeping it safe and not accidentally dropping it on the ground or crushing it against a surface.  

Moreover, as we mentioned earlier, always put on a quality screen protector and use a high-quality, sturdy protective case. So that even if you are clumsy and can’t have a firm grip or a habit of using your iPhone indifferently, it is protected in more ways than one. 

Bottom Line 

We all tend to keep valuable things safe, and an iPhone is no exception. Keep your iPhone safe and damage-free to avoid any phone repairs that may compromise your iPhone’s value. Are you looking for an expert iPhone repair company in Bridgewater, NJ?  

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