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How to Keep Your Google Pixel Well Maintained

Google is one of the best manufacturers of smartphones in the market. This year in October, they introduced their newest phone in the Google Pixel line, the Pixel 6 Pro. Any Pixel phone should ideally last you between three and five years if you take good care of it, get it repaired on time if needed, and keep it well maintained. 

Here are some tips on keeping your Google phone well maintained so that you get the most out of it and so that it lasts for a long time. Having to replace phones every few months is a huge hassle and can cost you quite a bit of money. Hopefully, with these tips, you won’t have to replace your phone for a long time. 

1. Get a Protective Case

Most people are guilty of dropping their phones, whether it gets knocked off the table or sofa, or you toss it onto your bed, and it bounces onto the floor. The shock of a fall can damage the phone internally and externally. There’s nothing worse than getting a crack on your new phone’s screen or having it start lagging after a bad fall. To avoid all of this, ensure that your phone is protected with a case. 

The Pixel 6 Pro comes with a dual-layer shock-absorbing case with raised edges that help protect your Pixel from scratches and drops. It is also made with over 30% post-consumer recycled material to reduce the production of waste. The case comes in the beautiful shades Soft Sage, Stormy Sky, Light Frost, and Golden Glow.

2. Consider A Screen Protector 

The screen is arguably the most important part of the phone for any user. Other than from a fall, there are many ways the screen can become scratched and damaged. An easy way to avoid this is by applying a screen protector on your phone. Some screen protectors also give you the added benefit of privacy by using tempered glass so that people next to you cannot see your phone screen while you use the phone. 

The Google Glass Elite screen protector is made with an ion exchange technology that increases surface compression to provide maximum protector from cracks and breaks and has an anti-microbial treatment that stops the growth of bacteria and reduces degradation from microorganisms. 

3. Be Careful of Where You Keep the Phone

Where you keep your phone when you’re not using it also plays a big role in how safe and well-maintained it is. For example, when you put your phone into your purse or bag, it’s a good idea to keep it in a separate pocket. If you’ve kept it with your keys, your screen might get scratches. Similarly, when you’re done using your phone for the night and are going to sleep, keep the phone on your side table instead of leaving it on the bed where you might roll over it or accidentally knock it to the floor in your sleep. 

4. Keep Your Phone Clean

As a rule, you should keep all of your personal belongings clean and tidy. Avoid getting any food or drink on or near your phone. Wipe the screen clean often with a soft screen-cleaning cloth or an appropriate wipe. Dust can settle into the charging port and cause your phone to not work to its optimal capacity. You can use compressed air to clear out any buildup of dust. 

5. Avoid Getting It in Contact with Water and Extreme Temperatures 

Although the Pixel phones are designed to withstand a little bit of water, it would still be a good idea to keep your phone away from water. You should also be careful to avoid keeping your phone in extreme temperatures. Don’t keep the phone on your car’s dashboard on a sunny day or right under the vent of your air conditioner. 

6. Look After Your Phone’s Battery

Lastly, to keep your phone well maintained and have it last for years, take care of its battery. The Pixel 6 Pro battery lasts over 24 hours by allocating power to the apps you use most and can keep your phone running for up to 48 hours with Extreme Battery Saver. To keep your battery in such good shape, be careful not to overcharge the battery or leave the phone on charge overnight. 

Our Final Thoughts

If you keep your Pixel phone well maintained, it will last you many years and serve you well. For professional maintenance or Google Pixel repair services, contact Street Talk Phone Repair at our website or call 908 605 8923.