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How to Get Your Smartphone’s Screen Repaired in Your Budget?

One of the most frustrating things for smartphone users is damaged screens. You are using your phone and suddenly drop the phone and damage the screen. You initially panic and assume that this is going to be an expensive mistake.

The reality is that everyone breaks screens all the time. You can do some simple things that are not expensive and will keep the costs down. Here are some tips you can do that will fix your cell phone screen within your budget.

Assess the Damage
The first thing to do is to calm down and assess the damage. The best way to do this is to set your smartphone on a flat surface and with lots of light. Look over the damage to your screen to see if you can still use the phone. This will tell you if the phone screen can easily be repaired.

The damages to phone screens vary. Sometimes, we can do simple things such as applying protectors and your screen will work great. Other times require bringing it in for phone repair. We recommend honestly assessing the damage to decide if the at-home options can work for you.

At-Home Options
The at-home solutions can work both over the short and long term. You have two different choices to do at-home screen and cell phone repair including

  • Packing tape: This is the most cost-effective solution for fixing your smartphone screen. It doesn’t look pretty but you can hold out and keep using the device. You don’t want to lose any more of the glass or cut your fingers when using the phone. Packing tape keeps the screen together and you can continue to use your phone. Carefully clean the phone with a dry cloth and line the tape up to cover the entire screen. We recommend using a box cutter or a razor blade to cut around the edges. After this use a penny to remove the bubbles and seal everything.
  • Screen protectors: Screen protectors are mid-range solutions that protect and repair your screen. You will need to make a modest investment of $5 or $10 but this will protect your screen. We recommend cleaning off the surface of the phone and lining up the protector before applying it. Use a penny to remove any bubbles and to make sure everything seals.

These are some of the most cost-effective solutions for screen repair. We recommend visiting with us about the different options that are available when it comes to smartphone repair.

Get Help from the Pros
The next best option is to bring your phone in and let our team assess the damage. We will look over everything and will tell you how much it costs and the timeline to repair your smartphone. In most cases, we can have your device back to its original condition in less than 45 minutes.

Contact us today and let our team help you with assessing the damage to your smartphone. We offer free quotes and you will know how much everything costs before we begin.