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How to Fix Your Broken Phone Screen

In the age of digitalization, almost everything is done online. Moreover, people are using their phones to do everything. You can find nearly all the features available on your handy smartphone, making people use their phones over laptops for performing many activities. 

One of the major components of smartphones is their screen. But they are easily broken. One minute your phone is in your hand, the other it’s down on the ground. Before you know it, you have a cracked screen. Although you can fix the Samsung screen, why does it break so easily when the phone is so expensive? Let’s find out. 

Why Do Phone Screens Crack Easily?

Consumers demand wider displays plus a stylish look for their phones. Many manufacturers came up with slim-edged designs with no bezel to offer a base to meet these requirements. While that certainly looks elegant, the problem is these models are more prone to damage. Dropping your phone once can lead to a broken or cracked screen. 

Even though smartphone giants like Samsung and Apple are working on coming up with impact-resistant phones, they are still not completely free from the risk of cracking or shattering. 

Fixing Broken Screens

Broken screens can make it difficult to use a smartphone based on the extent of the damage. If there are minor changes, you can make things work, but extensive damage can cause bits and pieces of your screen to come off. This can even slice your fingers while using your phone. 

Here are some ways to fix the Samsung screen easily:

Scotch Tape

If you have minor cracks on your screen and don’t want to change your phone right away, consider investing in heavy-duty scotch tape. It’s a temporary fix that can prevent elongation of the cracks and keep your screen in place. You can keep using this fix till you can purchase a new phone. 

Screen Protector

A screen protector protects your phone from cracking. But if it already has a cracked screen, what’s the point of using it? But what most people don’t know is that screen protectors can be installed on top of a cracked screen. Even if you have a spiderweb-like crack on the screen, a protector will prevent it from breaking any further. It’s similar to the scotch tape hack but better. There will be no seams, and your entire screen will stay protected from further damage. 


Generally, phones come with a warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty lasts for a certain period based on the manufacturer. 

If your phone is still in its warranty, get it repaired by the company. This is your best bet for getting an easy fix without paying a single penny. 


If your phone’s warranty has expired and the damage done to your phone’s screen is too severe to leave it as it is, you can consider a DIY fix. But for that, you need to have at least a basic know-how of repair work. If you’re confident in your skills, you can replace the screen yourself. However, even DIY fixes aren’t cheap. Depending on the model of your phone, you might have to purchase biometric sensors and touch incorporated screens which will be heavy on your pocket. 

You can always watch YouTube tutorials to learn how to replace a broken phone screen. 

Hire a Professional

Call in a professional to get the job done when all else fails. If you want to fix a Samsung screen, you can find reliable repair companies online. Apple users can contact their nearest Apple Store to get the screen fixed, but other repair companies are well-equipped to do the job. Hiring a pro is the best option you have for a complete fix. 

Tips for Preventing Broken Screens

It’s important to take safety measures to prevent broken phone screens. As soon as you purchase your phone, take the following steps: 

Apply a Screen Protector

Install a screen protector as soon as you get your new phone. There are different phone protectors, but a tempered glass protector is the best option. It provides maximum protection, and even if the tempered glass gets cracked, it will protect your screen. You can just replace the protector if it gets damaged. 

Back Covers

Back covers offer more than just decoration to your phone. They can absorb the impact of the fall and can even prevent direct contact of the screen with a hard surface upon falling. 

The Bottom Line

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