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How Do I Fix Google Pixel?

Google Pixels are some of the best phones out there. The Google Pixel can easily compete with devices like Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy phones. The Pixel series is one of the best by Google, which is why you may be moved to buying the phone. However, if you’re thinking about buying this phone, you’re probably thinking, “how can I fix Google Pixel?” 

Repair and maintenance are major considerations when buying an expensive item. People make a grave error when they don’t look into the specifications of what a repair job on their phone would cost. Many phones have a warranty for a year. However, repair for damage caused by neglect, like getting a broken screen replaced, isn’t a part of the warranty. Thus, you need to know what options you have when something eventually goes wrong in the life span of your Google Pixel

In the article below, we’ll find ways you can fix the Google Pixel in the most convenient place. 

What Is the Google Pixel?

It is a line of smart devices developed and marketed by Google that focuses on its deep integration with Google’s services, like Google Photos, Google Drive, Google Assistant, etc. So far, these devices have been smartphones, laptops, and tablets that run Google’s proprietary software like Chrome OS and Android OS. However, the Google Pixel smartphone stands out in all of these phones. They’re exceptional in their camera quality and processing time. 

However, Google Pixel phones are maybe not as popular as the rest of the phones in the market. This is largely because many Android phones are already present in the market, and the Google Pixel is much more expensive than many of these phones. 

How Can You Fix Your Google Pixel

Using Google Support 

Firstly, many things may go wrong with your Google Pixel. It could have a cracked screen or a blacked-out screen. The phone may not just work for you the way you want it to. In any case, one of the first things you want to do is log into the Google support tab on your laptop. It doesn’t matter where on earth you are as long as you have an internet connection and a device to connect to the internet with. 

The support tab informs you about all places you can visit if you want to fix Google Pixel. You have to write down the IMEI number for your phone to know if it still has a warranty. Back up your device, so you don’t lose any data. The person fixing your phone might factory reset your phone. 

After this, you can either mail in your phone to Google or walk into a Google support store. 


You have to take your Google Pixel and bring it into a support store for walk-in stores. If you’re not sure where the nearest store is, there’s also an option to find these on the Google website. You’ll have to back up your data before bringing it into the store. The partner will check out your phone and then send it for repairs. Depending on whether or not you have a warranty, you will be charged. 


You should look at the shipping options you have. The shipping options only get the phone to the repair center. The repair center will then inspect your phone completely. The inspections are present so they can check if the phone is in warranty. This helps the partners to understand and make up an invoice for you. 

If there are any additional costs that you have not approved of, Google informs you to confirm the extra charges on the phone. The repair begins as soon as you approve of the charges. 

Third-Party Repairs 

Other third parties provide services to fix Google Pixel. These third parties are best if you don’t have a warranty on your device. Sometimes, Google repairs can cost you much more than you originally anticipated. Third-party repairs are cheaper and more common. Firstly, you won’t have to travel so far to fix Google Pixel. If you have to ship the Google Pixel, you don’t have to worry about this when you have a third-party store close to you. 

If you have a warranty, you should go to Google support so they can fix it for you. For all those without a warranty, it’s not like this. 

Final Thoughts 

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