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Street Talk Phone Repair in Brigewater Mall is the Area's Most Trusted Smart Phone Repair, Screen Repair and Screen Replacement Store.

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Lightning Fast Cell Phone, iPhone, and iPad Repairs in Bridgewater and Surrounding Areas.

Is your Samsung GalaxyGoogle Pixel or iPhone broken? Does your iPhone need screen repair? Does your battery not hold a charge? Or your phone simply just won’t turn on? Street Talk Bridgewater offers the highest quality cell phone, tablet, iPad and iPhone repairs in Bridgewater and surrounding communities.

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Why we are the Local cell phone repair experts Bridgwater trusts

If there is one thing our customers and our review say, it’s that Street Talk is the best cell phone repair company in Bridgwater NJ.

We understand that when you need your cell phone or iPhone repaired it is usually an emergency, and because of that, we stock a large variety of cell phone repair parts in our store. If you are reading this we are the nearest and most professional repair shop to you, and we can have your cell phone repaired in as little as 15 minutes after you drop it off! With our speedy repair services, you can get back to life and not worry about a broken phone screen, or a battery that won’t hold a charge. 

iPhone & Cell Phone Repair In Bridgewater NJ

Common Cell Phone & iPhone Repair Wait Times

  • iPhone Screen Repair – 15 Minutes
  • iPhone Battery Replacements – 10 Minutes
  • iPhone Charging Port Repair – 20 minutes
  • iPad Screen Repair – 1 Hour
  • iPad Battery Replacement – 1 Hour
Searching for “cell phone repair near me?” Not only do we provide quick cell phone repairs, but we also combine all of our cell phone repairs with a 6-month warranty. Our warranty covers our parts, and our labor. In the rare event that you do receive a defective part, we will fix your phone under warranty hassle-free! Contact us today for a cost-effective phone repair today!

Our goal is to make your cell phone repair experience as stress-free as possible. Visit our two locations in the Bridgewater Commons mall today!

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Protect Your Investment

Our Bridgewater NJ locations are not just cell phone and iPhone repair powerhouses, we are also one of the biggest cell phone accessories retail company in the Bridgewater Commons mall! When you get your cell phone fixed, we understand that you are investing your money into the longevity of your device. This is why we have hundreds of high-quality cell phone cases, tempered glass, privacy tempered glass, and more to protect your cell phone. The cases we carry are of the highest quality on the market, and we have a huge variety to chose from after you get your cell phone repaired. We carry cases for iPhones, iPads, LG cell phones, Samsung Galaxy’s, Google Pixels, and more! Visit our locations today to check out our accessory selection!

Bridgewater Mall Accessories

  • cell Phone Cases
  • Tempered Glass / Privacy Tempered Glass
  • Wireless Charging Pads
  • Head Phones
  • Car Mounts
  • Charging Cables

iPhone Screen Repairs In The Bridgewater Mall

Looking online for “iPhone repair near me”? Do you have a cracked or damaged iPhone screen? In this video, we show one of our techs replacing an iPhone screen in only 10 minutes! That’s as long as it takes! We have a large variety of iPhone screens in stock to provide screen repairs on the spot while you wait in 10-30 minutes. All of our iPhone screen repairs come with a 6-month warranty that covers defective parts and our labor. At Street Talk Phone Repair Bridgewater we guarantee you will not find a more reliable iPhone repair company in Bridgewater. Contact us today for a quote! Check out how we only use the highest quality cell phone screens on the market! If you live near or close to Bridgewater, contact us today to learn how much it costs to get your iPhone fixed today!

Commons Screen Repairs

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Our cell phone repair and iPhone repair services in the Bridgewater Commons Mall, typically takes anywhere between 10 minutes to 1 hour. It depends on what kind of cell phone repair you need. If you need a cell cell phone screen repair we typically have it done within 15 minutes if you need a cell cell phone battery replaced it typically takes about 20 minutes, and a cell cell phone charging port repair takes about 30 minutes. Give us a call to get an exact time frame for your repair. (908) 722-2271

No problem at all. There is no shame in trying to repair your own cell phone, but a lot of the time it can go wrong if you do not know what you are doing. This is why its best to bring it to a cell cell phone repair shop in order to ensure that your cell phone repair will go correctly. If your cell phone is in pieces, put all of the screws and parts into a small bag if possible and bring it into one of our Bridgewater Mall locations.

Yes Street Talk Phone Repair Bridgewater offers the best warranties in the Bridgewater Mall. Our warranty is 6-months for all repairs. Our warranty does not cover cracked and physical damage, it covers our parts and our workmanship. This means that in the rare case that you receive a defective phone repair parts, Street Talk Phone Repair Bridgewater will fix it for free hassle-free.

We sure do. If your cell phone screen is cracked, and you also need a battery replaced we offer bundle discount on the total cost of getting your phone repairs. Call us today to learn about our cell phone repair bundle deals today!

If you drop your cell phone in water, the first thing to do it turn it off, and take the battery out if possible. Once your phone is off do not plug it in to the power source, at all. You will need to bring your phone to a cell phone repair shop such as Street Talk Phone Repair Bridgewater this way they can dry the inside of your phone out, and replace or repair any components inside. Putting your water damaged cell phone into rice does not work. The only way to try out a phone is to take it apart, and clean it from the inside.

The easiest way to tell if your iPhone’s battery needs to be replaced is to go to settings, and then go to the search bar and type “battery health”. This will show your iPhone battery health in percents. If your iPhones battery health it below 90%, then it is time to replace it. Street Talk Phone Repair Bridgewater has every iPhone battery is stock, and it only takes about 15 minutes to repair on the spot.

There will always be a guy offers a service cheaper. But beware because if the phone repair price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Street Talk Phone Repair Bridgewater only uses the highest quality parts on the market which meet OEM specs. This means that you can 100% be sure that when you get your phone fixed, you are not going to get ripped off. At our Bridgewater Mall locations we price our cell phone repairs fair, so you will always get a good price through us.

The cost of getting your cell phone repaired varies depending on the model of your phone. To get an exact price quote for how much your cell phone fix will be, contact us today!

The Expert Cell Phone Repair Company Near You

We have been in business for over 10 years, and that says a lot. We are experts at our craft when it comes to repairing cell phones. We offer repair services for every cell phone there is such as iPhone repair, Samsung Galaxy Repair, Google Pixel Repair, LG Smartphone repair, and more! We have two locations within the Bridgewater Commons Mall and provide same-day cell  phone repair services for almost all cell phone models. 

Highest Quality Cell Phone Repair Parts

We value our Bridgewater customers and our repairs. We only use the highest quality parts on the market to ensure the longevity of your cell phone repair. We understand that getting your cell phone fixed, is an investment into the longevity of your iPhone repair, iPad repair, or any other device. Our high-quality repair parts will offer a long-lasting repair. We believe you should get your cell phone fixed correctly the first time around. 

6 Month Warranty On Cell Phone Repair

Not only does Street Talk Phone Repair Bridgewater use the highest quality parts on the market. We also combine our cell phone and tablet repairs with a 6-month warranty. Our warranty covers our parts and our workmanship but does not cover cracks and physical damage. Contact us today for a long-lasting repair! (908) 722-2271

Common Cell Phone Repairs

Repair Your Device Today At Street Talk Bridgewater!

Cell Phone Repair

Cell Phone Repair In Bridgewater NJ

Looking for online for phone repair near Bridgewater NJ? Well you are in luck! Street Talk Phone Repair can have you back up and running quickly. All repairs are backed by our 6 month warranty.

iPhone Repair

iPhone Repair In Bridgewater NJ

Is your iPhone screen broken, or is it not holding a charge? Street Talk offers quick and reliable iPhone repairs around Bridgewater NJ. We can have your iPhone screen replaced in only 15 minutes.

iPad Repair

iPad Repair In Bridgewater NJ

Are you located in the Bridgewater Nj area, and looking for a quick and reliable iPad repair company?  Street Talk phone repair can have you back up and running in no time.

Google Pixel Repair

google pixel repair bridgewater nj

Cracked your Google Pixel phone? Don’t panic Street Talk phone repair in Bridgewater Commons Mall can have your google pixel repaired for you right away. 

Galaxy Repair

samsung galaxy repair bridgewater nj

Did you accidentally break your Samsung Galaxy phone screen? We can have your cracked Samsung screen fixed the same day. Visit our Samsung Galaxy repair shop in Bridgewater NJ today!

LG Phone Repair

lg phone repair bridgewater nj

Having trouble with your LG phone? Street talk can repair your LG phone no matter what issue you are having. We specialize in LG phone repairs, and our LG phone repair specialists are located in Bridgewater Commons Mall.

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