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Everything You Need to Know about an iPhone Broken Back

The iPhone is one of the most popular phones out there. Everyone wants to have the newest and most advanced models.

The challenge is that when something breaks you need to repair it to prevent the situation from becoming worse. Apple is trying to make things easier and the broken back glass is one of these improvements. Here is everything you need to know when it comes to an iPhone broken back.

The Purpose of the iPhone Glass Back

The iPhone glass back is to improve the functionality of your phone. This enhances the charging by making it easy to wirelessly charge the phone. The glass allows the current to pass through more effectively and this speeds up the time it takes to charge.

Another reason for the glass back is to improve the connectivity and signal of the phone. As these phones become smaller the antennas require innovative ways that ensure you have a strong signal.

This is why glass backs are becoming more common on all makes and models of iPhones. Our team is the best at iPhone repairs in the Bridgewater Mall. We know how to fix a broken back and get your iPhone working like new.

The Issues with the Glass Back

The glass back is designed to provide better functionality and durability for the phone. The glass is made by Corning and it can withstand a direct hit. This means that it will not break but you will see cracks or scratches in the glass.

The problem with the glass back is if you drop the iPhone it is possible to crack the front and the back. The glass is not as durable as the metal backs and can be damaged if it is hit hard enough.

Another challenge is the ability to repair the back of these phones. Apple makes its products small and sleek. The back glass is connected to the circuit board and other components using small welds and epoxy. This means changing out the glass requires special tools and skills to get everything right. Apple is working on improving these features but these changes are coming slowly and require the knowledge of skilled technicians.

At Street Talk, we are the iPhone repair experts in Bridgewater. We have 18 years of experience and work on all of the different makes and models of iPhones. Our team of trained experts can diagnose your issues and quickly fix everything. Most of our repairs are done in less than an hour. You can drop your phone off and do other things in the mall while we diagnose and fix the problems.

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