iPad Screen Repair

Damaged iPad Screen? Here’s What You Can Do

Regardless of how well we take care of our personal belongings, accidents happen because we often end up paying a hefty price. Even though they’re unintentional, you’re maybe left with a cracked iPad screen, a shattered back glass, and an unresponsive display. 

You’re left wondering whether “gorilla glass” technology makes a difference or not and what you can do to fix the iPad’s screen

Don’t know where to start? 

Let Street Talk Phone Repair show you the way. 

A Small Crack

This is when the crack on your iPad is barely noticeable, and it’s possibly only an inch or two long. This can often show up on the edges of the screen after you’ve either dropped it or bumped it onto an object. These cracks can be so small that they may not even make it to the visible portion of your iPad’s display, so you may not even know something happened. 

In cases like these, there is no need to fix the iPad’s screen. Your iPad will function just fine with a crack as small as this, and it won’t ruin the device’s experience either. That said, you should still keep an eye on this crack to know whether it has spread (which is common). To prevent this from happening, be gentle with your iPad. 

When you’re putting it down on a hard surface, be gentle and if you put it in a pocket, try not to put anything sharp. If it starts to get worse, put an iPad screen protector. This may prevent the crack from spreading.

Moreover, if your iPad is still new, it may still be in warranty. In some instances, these cracks can prove to be fair ground to ask for a replacement. If you decide to pay for AppleCare, then this process can be even more straightforward. 

If It’s a Big Crack

If the crack on your iPad Screen is big, you still have quite a few options at your disposal. For instance, some people continue using an iPad with a shattered screen. If you choose to go down this route, you may want to cover your iPad in a rubber case. Moreover, you should also install a screen protector. 

This can save you from the small cuts, and it can also elongate your tablet’s life. As long as you see what’s on the screen, choosing to carry on with a cracked screen can be an option. However, we still wouldn’t recommend going down this route. No matter how hard you try to play it safe, these small damages can turn into big repairs in the long run. 

Not only are you risking paying a bigger fee, but you’re also risking getting injured. The sensible options you can take in this situation are:

  • Fix the iPad’s Screen

With help from Street Talk Phone Repair, you can get your iPad’s display repaired. They’ve been in the repair business for over a decade, and they can offer you the highest quality repair at an affordable cost. They can also solve other problems that you may be facing with your iPad.

  • Sell the iPad

Just because the display is useless doesn’t mean that your tablet is now useless. To get an idea of the value of your device, browse through different listings on eBay for iPads on sale with a cracked screen. 

  • Go for a Downgrade

This can work if you have a 12.9-inch or 9.7-inch iPad. You may prefer getting the 7.9-inch model. It’s also important to remember that bigger screens have a higher tendency to get damaged and they can cost more to repair, too. 

A Long Crack that Is Distorting the Color

This is a serious issue. A crack like such can cause visibility problems. In this situation, the only solution you’ll have is either getting a new iPad or fixing the iPad’s screen. With time, these cracks can expand to form a “spider web” on the screen. 

Don’t let that happen!

Cracks that Reach from One Corner to Another Corner

These cracks can branch from the bottom, the top of the corners of your iPad. These are usually deep, and even daily usage can easily worsen these cracks. Please don’t wait to see how these cracks shape out because we can guarantee you won’t like the screen when it’s completely unusable. 

Conclusion – Fix the iPad’s Screen!

While several makeshift solutions can save you from getting your iPad’s screen fixed, we wouldn’t recommend relying on any of them. Get your iPad’s screen repaired from Street Talk Phone Repair at an affordable price today! Call them today on 908 650 8571, or click here to know more.