What You Should Know About Your Back Glass Repair

Our cell phone repair shop in Bridgewater NJ has first-hand details and experience with all smartphone back glass repairs. Market expense today dictates that just re-placing a bad smartphone with a new one is not feasible. Since there are millions of smartphones worldwide the chances are good that someday you may need some kind of back glass replacement.

When talking about repairs, Apple and Samsung always point out that owners who lack the understanding of opening and repairing one of these devices might cause avoidable physical damage to the smartphone. Some people who are not repair ex-perts will attempt to open the back of the phone, and by doing so, a fairly simple re-pair becomes a complex and expensive one.

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Back Glass Cell Phone Repair

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Back Glass Cell Phone Repair

Among the qualities that make modern iPhones and Samsung smartphones so appealing is also what makes them so fragile: the glass on the back. It’s almost impossible not to crack the back glass of many of these devices over time.

iPhone Back Glass Repair

The smartphone back glass might start cracking ever so slowly, and before you know it, it spreads and you have a major problem. Since the back glass is an important protective component of the phone, it’s important to make sure it is intact and doing the job it was intended to do. Furthermore, your iPhone might get more damaged if the crack spreads quickly. Besides causing cuts and lacerations on your hands and fingers, a broken back glass hinders basic iPhone functions.

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Back Glass Repair Costs

The high cost of repairs is a concern for many Apple and Samsung users. If the back glass of a smartphone is broken, the manufacturer might charge you several hundred dollars to fix it. They often consider the rear glass to be part of the “screen replacement” repair, which is at the lower end, so these repairs are more expensive.

Repairing your phone can be a stressful experience. Knowing this, we make sure that the entire process is laid out in front of you, so you can see what happens as your phone is being repaired.

Leave your phone at Street Talk Phone Repair in Bridgewater NJ, then pick it up in four hours. An extra fee will be charged for custom engraving on the back of the glass. You will be informed of the price.

Bring your phone to Street Talk Phone Repair today for a fast and accurate repair estimate.

Samsung Back Glass Repair

Many individuals delay fixing the back glass of their Samsung smartphones because it is difficult and expensive to do so. Our goal at Street Talk Phone Repair is to make it as easy as possible for you.

It is especially important with Samsung back glass repairs that OEM quality re-placement parts are used.

Is there a crack in your Samsung back casing? Instead of replacing the phone we can easily repair the damaged piece with a rear back glass door replacement and with perfect match colors.

This type of repair should only be handled by experienced professionals. Opening the back of a phone may void a manufacturer warranty so it is better to consult with Street Talk regarding your repair options and costs.


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