Are you getting the highest quality cell phone screen repair in Bridgewater NJ?

cell phone screen repair quality bridgewaterStreet Talk Phone Repair Bridgewater offers the highest quality cell phone screen repairs in Bridgewater NJ, and I am going to explain why. You can get your phone fixed at many other places but I guarantee that those other places are using cheap cell phone screens that are not going to last. We have been in business in the Bridgewater Commons Mall for over 15 years, and have been offering cell phone repair In Bridgewater since smartphones first came out. We have 2 locations within the Bridgewater mall for a reason, and it’s because we offer the highest quality cell phone repairs.

When we talk about the quality of a cell phone screen, there are many different pieces of technology that go into them. One of the most important pieces of tech in a cell phone screen is its IC chip. The IC chip in a cell phone screen controls the touch sensitivity on your phone screen. In all of our iPhone, and cell phone screens, our IC chips meet OEM specs which means your cell phone screen’s touch will be as sensitive as it should. 

Our cell phone screens also have an oleophobic coating. An oleophobic coating is what your cell phone screen originally came with, and it makes your cell phone screen water resistant this way water rolls off your phone in bubbles. If your cell phone does not come with an oleophobic coating your screen will get a ton of fingerprints and will be very annoying to use. 

Stree Talk Phone Repair Bridgewater’s cell phone screens also have a 2 layer backlight seal. This means that our cell phone screens brightness and colors meet OEM specs. 

Lastly, our cell phone screens come with OEM FPC connectors. An FPC connector is the connector that plugs into your cell phone or iPhone’s motherboard. If the FPC connector on your cell phone screen is not OEM, it can go bad very often. 

After listing all of these components in our cell phone screens, you can see why that Street Talk Phone Repair Bridgewater offers the highest quality cell phone repair and iPhone screen repairs. The screens we use to meet OEM specs, and we can guarantee you will get the best phone repair when you visit one of our locations in the Bridgewater Commons Mall.

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