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5 Tips On How to Prevent Your iPhone from Being Damaged

It’s the worst thing in the world when the screen of your brand new iPhone gets damaged. You already spend over $1000 on the phone, and now you have to shell out even more of your hard-earned money to repair it as well. The most frustrating thing is that even though Apple claims that the latest iPhones have durable bodies and screens, they get damaged easily.  

Most people believe that buying another iPhone is cheaper than getting one repaired from the Apple Service Center. However, something else is even more affordable, which is not letting your iPhone gets damaged in the first place. If you’ve bought a new iPhone, congratulations, but here are five tips on how you can prevent your iPhone from getting damaged.  

  1. Getting a Strong Case 

Even though most people don’t like the idea of putting their new iPhone into a case or protector, it’s the feasible thing to do. You should purchase a heavy and strong case for your iPhone if you’re concerned about dropping it or are generally clumsy and have a history of damaging your phones. Most iPhone cases are sold at online retailers and come in various designs, styles, and artistic work.  

Even though the most durable iPhone case covers can be expensive, it’s still not going to cost you as much as having your iPhone repaired at Bridgewater, NJ. That will give you peace of mind knowing that your smartphone won’t be damaged even if you drop your iPhone by mistake.  

2. Screen Protectors Are a Must 

There’s nothing worse than dropping your iPhone on the road and then picking it up and noticing that there are cracks on the screens. In some cases, the screen can be shattered to bits. Getting a replacement screen for your iPhone can be very expensive. Therefore, the first thing you should do is get a screen protector for your phone so that its screen doesn’t crack upon hitting the floor.  

You will get a free iPhone screen protector with your phone, so put it on, even though it may take away some of the premium feel of touching the screen. However, you don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars for phone repair.  

3. Grip Your Phone Strongly 

You should always be conscious of your phone when you’re gripping it or walking with it in your hands. Some people don’t have a strong grip or are careless when handling their phone, which is why the smartphone slips from their hands. Modern iPhones are massive and fit in your hands comfortably, but people with small hands or those with loose grips would do well to grip their phones strongly.  

Be aware of your surroundings because it is very easy for the iPhone to slip from your hand, especially if you haven’t put a cover or case on it. You may think that you’re gripping it correctly, but check to ensure that it isn’t slipping out because you won’t be able to catch it if it falls.  

4. Put It in Rice If Water Gets Inside  

The old rice trick works wonders in ensuring that your iPad or iPhone doesn’t get water damage. Putting your phone in a bowl full of rice after it was submerged in water tends to work brilliantly. In most cases, you can salvage your iPhone or iPad from permanent damage because rice absorbs water excellently. It is the best way to protect your phone from serious damage after dropping it in water.  

In the worst case, you can reach out to iPhone or iPad repair if it doesn’t work. However, it would be best to avoid taking your phone near water so that there isn’t any risk of it falling in the water.  

5. Purchase Phone Insurance 

Most major carriers offer you insurance when you buy a new iPhone, but the policy can be expensive. Getting an insurance place for your iPhone repair in Bridgewater, NJ, could be the smartest investment you can make for your new phone. That way, even if you drop your iPhone and its screen is damaged, or it stops working after being dropped in water, you won’t have to worry about costly repairs.  

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