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4 Android Features You Probably Aren’t Using

Have you seen the new iPhone commercials? Which one, you may be asking? Good question, as there are so many. We are talking about the latest commercials that showcase the iPhone’s ability to create high-quality videos and images that are so good, the footage can be used in Hollywood’s high-budget movies. The phone that will, supposedly, let you “have Hollywood in your pocket.” At Street Talk Phone Repair, we do a lot of phone repair in Bridgewater and constantly check out cell phones, review their features and properly understand them to provide our clients with a variety of solutions. 

So, as you may have guessed, at our core, we are all about phones and their latest introductions, so naturally, we were intrigued by these commercials and what the new iPhone had to offer. But it begs the question: what if you don’t own an iPhone? What if you are a faithful Android user? 

Not to worry. There are many features that Android users can utilize to master their phones in the same way iPhone users can – and then some. Yet most people are not even aware of this.

So, that got us thinking. With so many features Android users can play with, which ones are they unintentionally excluding? This list of the most interesting Android features you probably aren’t using may surprise you. 

Save Your Battery 

Nobody wants their phone dying sooner than it should. Even if you think your battery life is as good as it gets, it can, in fact, get better. By choosing a black or dark background for your phone screen, will stop the automatic pixel highlighting from working, which ultimately lets your charge last longer.

Zoom in on Small Objects 

Let’s be honest. All of the icons on smartphones are tiny and, for some, can be hard to read. There is a screen magnifier feature that will allow you to tap any part of the display to zoom in. You can find this in the “accessibility” section under “settings.”

Control Your Data

Are you constantly concerned about your data consumption? Android phones have a feature that allows you to watch how much data is being used. Most people notice this feature when their phone warns them that they have used too much data, which potentially incurs a fee. This isn’t the only way you can track your data usage. If you do not want to surpass your limit, control how much data is being used by setting it several megabytes below your actual limit (by several MBs, we actually mean hundreds). By managing it this way, you will no longer be able to use your data beyond the new limit you have set, and ultimately, you won’t exceed your monthly usage.

Use Smart Lock

In our fast-paced environment, we want our technology to move just as quickly as we do. Lock screens keep our phones secure, but it doesn’t make for quick access to our devices. Your fingerprint is a good alternative, but your phone does not always register your fingerprint. So, if you are tired of your lock screen and have an Android 5.0 or higher, use the Smart Lock function. Smart Lock is received through Play Services and this function provides users with multiple options. It will know to unlock your phone from your: 

  • Location 
  • Face
  • Trusted devices

It even has on-body detection. So, for example, if it’s in your pocket, the phone will be unlocked. Once out of your pocket, it locks up again. Let’s look at some other quick examples. Say you’re at home and don’t want to be bothered with unlocking your phone, you can set your home as a safe location for Smart Lock to be used. Or if it detects your face, it will quickly unlock your phone for you.

Final Thoughts 

Some of these functions are on the older side, but many people still don’t know about them. So, if you are learning a new trick today, try it out for yourself. And when you need a phone repair in Bridgewater, don’t forget to contact Street Talk Phone Repair. We can fix your smartphone screen, repair shattered black glass, or you name it. Call 908-651-9101 to learn about our services.